POP Program – Power of Produce

The Power of Produce (POP) Club teaches children about fruits and vegetables, local food systems and healthy food preparation through fun activities about nutrition, food, and agriculture.  Participants engage in the full farmers market experience, trying new foods, having conversations with farmers, and buying local produce using tokens earned in monthly POP Club activities.

Anyone can play the game, but POP Club membership is reserved for ages 4 – 11. Registration is required. Registered POP Club members will meet at 10:30 by the Keller Town Hall fountain for special presentations on nutrition, local farms and what’s in season, wild edibles, how bees and other pollinators make produce possible, and a master chef competition for kids.

Members receive a personalized POP Club Badge, and will earn POP tokens for each passport puzzle solved.  Spend your POP tokens at any KFM vendor booth from May 13 through October 28.  With each POP token earned, Passport Game participants also receive an entry ticket for a grand prize drawn at our October 28 Harvest Festival. See you at the fountain on Saturday, May 13th.

POP Program dates: Every 2nd Saturday – May through October – 



The Keller POP Club will feature a different set of market vendors each second Saturday with monthly educational activities.

Three components of the program:

  1. Market-based educational activities will support healthy food choices, food awareness, and a healthy lifestyle. Each monthly POP Club activity features a different set of KFM vendors who will be provided an inked stamp to endorse participants’ passports as an activity is completed.  The Passport Challenge can be played by anyone, but is written for children.
  1. The One-Bite-at-a-Time Challenge encourages younger children to try new, healthy foods. They complete this challenge at home, documenting their experience with drawings or a brief hand-written description of their experience trying new tastes and textures.
  1. The POP token is a new form of KFM currency. Tokens are awarded to participants for each monthly passport completed or for taking the One-Bite-at-a-Time Challenge.

How the Passport and One Bite Challenge works:    

POP Club participants will receive tokens by presenting a completed passport at the POP Club Headquarters booth that will be at the market on the above dates.  Families participating in the Two Bites Challenge must hand deliver a POP Club postcard (decorated by their child and signed by the parent) to indicate the child tried the featured item at home.  Headquarter volunteers will manage the issuance of POP Buck tokens.  Vendors will redeem cash for tokens through the KFM Market Manager.



Or you can visit the POP booth on the Passport Dates listed above from 8am to Noon to register and start the game.